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102 Part Video Masterclass On Mastering The Popular Communication Softwares and Apps! 

Now we all have, or at least have heard of these software or apps, but how many of us know how we can implement them to grow our business, opening up our channels of communication?

This is an over-the-shoulder video Masterclass will help you to understand how to best use these communication apps to grow, whilst maintaining a good level of communication, whether you use it in your business or personal lives.

With this masterclass, even the beginner-friendly can follow and get results with it. No fluff theory – only actionable steps to help you to understand and use all the app we cover.

We break down the course as below:


How to Master Zoom

Zoom is completely FREE and available to EVERYONE.

Over the years, this service gained extreme popularity among the general public as well as business entrepreneurs. This is because Zoom offers the kind of flexibility that businesses today needs. Moving past the impracticalities of Skype, when business professionals need to talk with several people at once, they all turn to Zoom.

With the latest update of the platform, there are so many new features to be learned inside. Learn these and become a boss at running meetings. Increase the productivity and sales of your business.

Webinars Are Hot Right Now
Everyone is connecting with their leads using webinars. Are you?

If you’re not, then you’re missing out on a considerable number of sales. That’s right; webinars can be used to convert leads into sales.

You’re not going to have a webinar with people who have already bought. What you’re trying to do with a webinar is to convert people who are on the fence.

They need a little extra nudge, and a webinar is how you do it.

Set Up Virtual Conference Rooms
You may own a business where the workers are all over the place.

It’s not uncommon in today’s digital workplace that people are located across the globe.

How do you connect with them when it comes time to have a conference?

The way you do that is by utilizing Zoom.

Everyone will feel like they’re right there and a part of the presentation.

There can even be a dialogue between you and those who are attending the conference.

It’ll be a fully functional conference that will result in everyone being on the same page.

Schedule Meetings Where Everyone Has Their Say

It’s vital that you remember that Zoom isn’t a one-way communication tool.

Everyone can talk and interact with each other when using Zoom. It doesn’t matter if everyone is in the same office building or are located all over the world.

You’ll be able to get together and share ideas and talk about what’s going on.

Communication is vital for any business, and it’s often overlooked by those who spend all day working behind a computer.

Get The Most Out Of Zoom
As a professional, you don’t have the time to learn everything there is to know about Zoom.

What you’re seeking is a shortcut. That’s precisely what we have to offer you.

Everything there is to know about Zoom can be learned by watching our videos.

You’ll be able to hold conferences with a handful of people or even hundreds.

Meetings that once were painful and clunky will be hassle-free with the use of Zoom.

It will change every aspect of communication that you have with your employees.

A Clear Line Of Communication Is Vital
It is if you want to maintain normality in your day to day business life.

A business without proper communication is one that will stumble more times than it succeeds.

Watch our videos and make sure this doesn’t happen. Keep the lines of communication open and the dialogue flowing.

Doing anything less will result in a business that is full of errors that could easily be fixed.

Take the first step by watching our videos and then implement what they teach you.

They’ll help you make the most out of Zoom, and your business will benefit from it.

Sign up for this training today and make your future as bright as it possibly can be.


Microsoft Teams

How to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams was long overdue.  Because it uses the platforms that we’re all familiar with Word, PowerPoint, One Note, and Excel, the usage is growing with solopreneurs, business owners, and office workers.  And if any of your work connects with these people, expect to get asked…”Are you on Microsoft Teams”?

And in these times, it’s more likely than not that somebody that you or your customer is used to dealing with in-person…will now be dealt with online only.  Gone are the long meetings with paper pushed and folder carried.  In are the days of collaboration in real-time with voice, video, and text.

Microsoft Teams is a flexible interface, but finding everything is a challenge.  And figuring out how to get everything working isn’t necessarily all that obvious.  But we’ve done the work of getting it in order for you.  We made it so that you can just get all of the basics out of the way and then start focusing on your projects.

Once you and your customers understand Teams, you will be able to plan and prepare your own projects as well as those you work with and work for.

Be Steady When Everybody Else is Freaking Out

When you get a product to use or to sell, you want to sell it not just today, but a month from now…or even years from now.  And we are definitely at the point where the streaming video will be a part of everyday life both now in the future.

Once they take the course, they’ll see that it’s something that…although technical is something that they definitely can do.  They’ll have it demonstrated to them step by step.

All that means for you is that once they get into the course and they see it working, they’ll learn to trust and rely on you.  They’ll see that you can come up with the knowledge they need when they need it most.

So, it’s a way for you to be a steady presence…when everybody is wondering what to do and how to do it.  You actually have the answers.   In a no-fluff way that respects their time.



How to Master Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the biggest support and customer engagement software. It provides a way of direct communication with your customers without having to exchange emails.

We cover the below in this module:

  1. Get started with Zendesk and understand how it can help you.
  2. Getting used to the interface and also configuring the settings.
  3. Understand Zendesk features and how it works.
  4. How to enhance your customer’s experience with a simple trick.
  5. How to set up an autoresponder message that replies instantly.
  6. How to reduce the number of support tickets with a simple feature.
  7. Learn to use easily respond to tickets in a timely manner.
  8. Discover how to easily upsell your customers to other offers in your autoresponder.
  9. Manage and easily keep track of your customer tickets.



How to Master Chatbots

Chatbots are a good way to automate communication and support. With chatbots, they can help your productivity as they provide a question and answer service, where you can provide your customers with predetermine answers for questions they may have. Think of it as a personalized frequent answered questions session.

Learn how to implement it in your business in this module.

In this module you will:

  1. Get a quick understanding of how chatbots work.
  2. Learn how to improve your sales and support with chatbots.
  3. How to create your account and configure your settings.
  4. Learn how to create workflows like pros.
  5. What a sequence is and how you can easily create multiple sequences quickly.
  6. What are ‘rules’ and how can you create them.
  7. The secret method used by experts when setting up their chatbots.
  8. How to configure replies and messages easily.
  9. Learn the simple trick to boost sales with chatbots.



How to Master SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a free online survey tool and available to EVERYONE.

Over the years, this service gained extreme popularity as it is a great tool to capture the voices and opinions of those that matter to you or your business.

  1. Learn what’s SurveyMonkey for and how to set up your account
  2. Learn how to use SurveyMonkey to create your first survey.
  3. How to set up a ‘campaign’ and also collect vital data easily.
  4. How to manage your surveys the right way in your admin.
  5. How to use SurveyMonkey to engage your audience every day.
  6. What the best way is, to structure a survey.
  7. How to publish your survey in just a few clicks.
  8. How to use some advanced features to get the most of SurveyMonkey.
  9. Tips and tricks you can use to get the most from SurveyMonkey.

Course Content

Total learning: 104 lessons
  • Welcome
    • Lecture1.1
  • The Business Tools: Communication Masterclass Wordsearch

    Get used to the areas we will be covering in this fun wordsearch.

    • Lecture2.1
  • Mastering Zoom
    • Lecture3.1
      1 – Overview Preview
    • Lecture3.2
    • Lecture3.3
    • Lecture3.4
    • Lecture3.5
    • Lecture3.6
    • Lecture3.7
    • Lecture3.8
    • Lecture3.9
    • Lecture3.10
    • Lecture3.11
    • Lecture3.12
    • Lecture3.13
    • Lecture3.14
    • Lecture3.15
    • Lecture3.16
    • Lecture3.17
    • Lecture3.18
    • Lecture3.19
    • Lecture3.20
  • Mastering Microsoft Teams

    22 Videos Module

    • Lecture4.1
    • Lecture4.2
    • Lecture4.3
    • Lecture4.4
    • Lecture4.5
    • Lecture4.6
    • Lecture4.7
    • Lecture4.8
    • Lecture4.9
    • Lecture4.10
    • Lecture4.11
    • Lecture4.12
    • Lecture4.13
    • Lecture4.14
    • Lecture4.15
    • Lecture4.16
    • Lecture4.17
    • Lecture4.18
    • Lecture4.19
    • Lecture4.20
    • Lecture4.21
    • Lecture4.22
  • Mastering Zendesk

    20 Videos Module

    • Lecture5.1
      Overview Preview
    • Lecture5.2
    • Lecture5.3
    • Lecture5.4
    • Lecture5.5
    • Lecture5.6
    • Lecture5.7
    • Lecture5.8
    • Lecture5.9
    • Lecture5.10
    • Lecture5.11
    • Lecture5.12
    • Lecture5.13
    • Lecture5.14
    • Lecture5.15
    • Lecture5.16
    • Lecture5.17
    • Lecture5.18
    • Lecture5.19
    • Lecture5.20
  • Mastering SurveyMonkey

    20 Videos Module

    • Lecture6.1
    • Lecture6.2
    • Lecture6.3
    • Lecture6.4
    • Lecture6.5
    • Lecture6.6
    • Lecture6.7
    • Lecture6.8
    • Lecture6.9
    • Lecture6.10
    • Lecture6.11
    • Lecture6.12
    • Lecture6.13
    • Lecture6.14
    • Lecture6.15
    • Lecture6.16
    • Lecture6.17
    • Lecture6.18
    • Lecture6.19
    • Lecture6.20
  • Mastering Chatbots
    • Lecture7.1
    • Lecture7.2
    • Lecture7.3
    • Lecture7.4
    • Lecture7.5
    • Lecture7.6
    • Lecture7.7
    • Lecture7.8
    • Lecture7.9
    • Lecture7.10
    • Lecture7.11
    • Lecture7.12
    • Lecture7.13
    • Lecture7.14
    • Lecture7.15
    • Lecture7.16
    • Lecture7.17
    • Lecture7.18
    • Lecture7.19
    • Lecture7.20

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